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How to glow up this Christmas!

We’ve made it quick and convenient tips for your special moment of being Christmas ready. We have shared how Satveer will be getting ready for the big day!

Preparing for the day

On Christmas day there is plenty to do from cooking, cleaning and getting dressed. Some people like to lounge in PJ (nothing wring with that) and others like to dress up and entertain. I am one of those dress up gals! So to prepare for the day I make my self a box for all the items I require to dress up for Christmas day. The box feels special and it keeps me super organised and minuses mess.

Skin care routine

So after a lovely shower. Some of the products I love to use. Elemis dynamic resurfacing facial wash. I use this products on cold winter months and I love the smell. This product foams well leaving my skin feeling helps relaxed and pollution free. Filled with Babassu which is found on the edges of the Amazon, Babassu oil is rich in Lauric and Myristic Acid and helps to condition skin. Amazing British brand.


Infused with natural salicylic acid, grape-seed polyphenols and organic essential oils, Vinopure Purifying Toner targets combination and blemish-prone skin to gently purify the skin and prepare it for the next stages of your routine.


Skin perfecting bha liquid exfoliant gives me flawless skin. I personally find it prevents breakouts.

Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant is a must have if you don't already have it.

Watch all the vlogs you need to on this one, it is a game changer. You will notice a difference/improvement to your skin. I love it.


How I choose my outfit

So as some may know I love to dress up. And yes I went for the big boy out fit a Lehenga. I went for a colourful bright outfit and red roses with green leaves, these colours represent Christmas in a class authentic way.

I absolutely love the shimmery top, it looks classy and well on trend.

Selling price £250

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